The truth is “managing your anxiety” doesn’t work but what you can do instead

This is a controversial one. 

Managing your anxiety doesn’t work. 

We are experts at managing our diaries, to do lists, money, work. So why not anxiety. 

You might be thinking why yes it does. I have this strategy and it helps. 

Keep reading. 

It might help you in short term but it will not serve you in the long term. 

You will keep needing to find another strategy or do more of the thing that you think helps when faced with that stressful situation again, that deadline, that conflict, that overwhelm. 

We are powerless over the sensation of anxiety. It is a feeling which keeps us alive, but for many of us our anxiety barometer is always in overdrive. 

For some people, they are wired to experience even more anxiety and have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. 

However, what intensifies our anxiety and makes it worse is how we think and feel about anxiety.

Thoughts such as, “Why can’t I control my anxiety?” ‘My life is great, why am I waking up with spiralling thoughts’ why cant I just be.

The more we think these types of negative thoughts, the more anxious we feel; the more anxious we feel, the more we start trying to managing anxiety.

So what if there was another way?

What if you could leave peacefully with anxiety, what would that be like?

My clients when they finish working with me will never not experience anxiety again, but they have a different relationship with it. Life just feels different.  

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