About Me

I support people who are ready for change. I have a relentless passion for transformation of the people I work with. Because of that I’ve been lucky enough to be called one of London’s top coaches and featured in publications such as Stylist, Telegraph, Glamour and more.

I work in three ways.

Through 1-2-1 coaching I help people get the breakthrough to start the new chapter of how they want to live their life.

Through group coaching I help teams to gain the simple but powerful toolkit so they can leave a workshop with a new choice or way of thinking. Areas of focus include; helping teams work together in a more cohesive way, reduce burnout across staff, increase confidence around public speaking and much much more.

I speak to organisations and groups to inspire and share the life-changing tools to change your thinking.

My mission

I want people to be able to live unequivocally the way they actually are. When we do not live fully with all the parts of ourselves, we experience anxiety, high levels of stress, overwhelm, addiction, burnout and a nagging sensation of a deep lack of purpose.

My goal is for you to feel whole, accepted and safe so you can live a life without stress and anxiety, free from any issue you currently face that holds you back. 

My coaching approach is rigorous, warm, with humour and relentless passion and excitement for your journey. I want everyone of my clients to win. 

My journey

I tried everything. I spent thousands of pounds on trying not to feel in pain. I was ten years into what seemed like a successful, glamorous career as a documentary producer. My body at the time was literally attacking itself, my mind was ravaged by trying to cope with the pain of pain. I was in deep denial that the physical problems had anything to do with the deep stress and anxiety my body ran off. But I was desperate. I tried everything, shamanic healing, sitting in sweat lodges, every prescription, invasive procedure, every herb, yoga, meditation, cold showers, CBT, therapy, diet. I gained greater awareness with some. But nothing truly shifted. I thought it was my fault, there was something wrong with me.

Then somehow some way I discovered a model for transformative change called NeuroLinguistic Programming. It was so powerful. By the end of the first module of training I had decided my mission in life was to share this with others. I kept waiting for it to be good to be true. It never has. I really have never looked back.

I want to share the secret weapons that I have found life changing to help you to be released from the pain in your life that holds you back. You are not broken, if you invest in yourself with coaching you can find the lightness and expansion you deserve.

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Qualifications: I am an ICF accredited INLPTA Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. This is the most rigorous form of NLP training in the world.

I am a certified Hypnotherapist.

My own development is important and I invest to develop myself through training, coaching and regular supervision.