Workplace Wellbeing

I will take the pressure of the already stretched resources of L&D and HR staff and develop a results driven bespoke wellbeing programme for your team. If you are interested please get in touch with a full length deck with breakdown and details of all workshops and trainings.

I have a particular specialism in equipping people with a practical toolkit for personal development to make their inner world quickly support what they want to achieve in their outer world. Whether that’s coping with anxiety, boosting confidence, improving communication skills  or  helping identify the emotional blocks or limiting beliefs that hold people back from achieving their full potential, I am focused on long lasting change.  She helps individuals become the best version of themselves, which can have a transformative impact on their lives, as you can see by the many testimonials of her clients. 

Her approach combines scientifically and psychologically backed techniques to induce immediate and lasting behaviour change. Clients attest to the workshops abilities to empower individuals, providing them with the toolkit for self-development and an actionable plan to create sustainable transformations.

Through my guidance, your staff will acquire the skills to unlock their true potential, leading to a more engaged, motivated, and high-performing workforce.

What Gemma can help with: 

  • How to access your inner calm and wisdom and reduce stress, anxiety & burnout
  • Developing a self care action plan
  • Developing confidence for pitching, presenting and communication
  • Leadership skills
  • How to have better difficult conversations
  • Coping with uncertainty & pressure
  • How to become more self-motivated
  • How to embed a company’s culture effectively
  • How to create cohesive teams in mergers
  • Executive coaching

I can also offer bespoke workshops or speaker events around any specific needs or concerns you need addressing. 


  • Individual 1:1 ongoing coaching (block time can be bought and distributed to employees) 
  • Interactive in person or online workshops and trainings- 45 mins with 15 mins Q and A/half day/full day
  • Bespoke Team workshops
  • Training with HR to upskill their support to the company.

🌐 What makes my approach unique? Her sessions are very practical, full of “ah-ha!” moments, and I always ensure participants go away with tips, tricks & tools they can start applying immediately.

Her workshops and 1:1 corporate coaching have led to improved staff performance and motivation, greater productivity, increased staff retention, and most importantly, happier employees who know they have powerful tools to reduce anxiety, stress and burnout and increased resilience.

If you are curious about how I can bring a positive difference in your workplace and you want to know how, please get in touch here

Corporate Testimonials

I have used Gemma’s services for providing coaching to employees going through difficult situations within the workplace. I have found Gemma to be very interpersonal, switched on and thoughtful. She is able to grasp context out of situations she hasn’t previously been involved with very quickly. The feedback I have had from employees has been extremely positive – they have gained so much from her, even when sceptical beforehand. Morningstar, Financial Services

“Gemma came and sat down for a fireside chat with the employees of Smiths Group plc to mark World Mental Health Day. It was a fascinating discussion and Gemma shared her expertise and experiences on a whole host of mental health topics. Gemma is extremely knowledgeable and gifted in distilling complex psychological principles by bringing them to life with real world examples. She is empathetic and understanding and connects with her audience brilliantly because of this. Gemma shares practical tools and tips that can actually make a difference. It was clear from our feedback survey that the session resonated with our employees scoring 4.7/5 with 100% of participants wanting to attend another one. A big thank you to Gemma for coming to speak to us – we’d love to have you back! ” Smiths Engineering Group

“Gemma is able to induce almost instant, long lasting behaviour change” Don’t Panic Creative Agency

“We worked with Gemma at BACKED VC for our first ever Talent & People Function Leads event and she ran a stellar, actionable, thought-provoking workshop, teaching us visualisation techniques to re-wire our thought processes. She brings great energy and holds the space well. Would recommend to anyone looking for a behavioural coach. ” Backed VC

Prices on request. Gemma is based in London but can travel worldwide.