Workplace Wellbeing

The secret to a happy workplace

Having to resolve workplace disagreements, cope with anxious, burnout staff and sickness on your team can have a huge impact and pull your attention and energy away from what is really important Having a robust exciting workplace wellbeing programming could be the answer to your workplace problems. I can offer you the opportunity to experience my exciting solutions to:

  • watch staff retention improve
  • see staff are happier knowing they have powerful tools to reduce anxiety, stress and burnout and increased resilience.
  • improved staff performance and motivation,
  • greater productivity
  • freeing up time of management and HR.

Bespoke group sessions are engaging and fun where I share exciting techniques and tools. They are opportunities for genuine change whether it is a lunch break or more long form. Attendees will leave with value and tangible tools to take into the workplace.

Sessions can include areas such as managing anxiety/stress and burnout, developing confidence with pitching and presenting, tools for having difficult conversations, improve interpersonal skills, how to cope under pressure, how to re-centre and calm at work in times of stress, how to become more self motivated. They always include an action plan of how to take these learnings forward into your work life and beyond.

Executive coaching; I work with leaders to optimise their wellbeing and lift personal and professional performance to maximise their impact on others.

Other areas: I have a speciality and experience in working in teams where there is a lack of cohesion whether it be personal or from a cultural perspective (eg from a merger) or if there are particular grievances between specific colleagues. I work with teams or 1:1 to bridge the gap to connections.

Training with HR to upskill their support to the company.

If this sounds like something that could make a difference in your workplace and you want to know how, please get in touch here

Prices on request. I am based in London but can travel worldwide.