1: 1 Prices

Investing in yourself was always a tricky business for me so I get it but what is the current cost of the issues you are facing? Would you like to live your life free of constraints without requiring expensive distractions? When we work together you will notice quantifiable results quickly that are long- lasting. I am not looking to work with people in the long long term or create dependence on coaching, so it is my intention to get you feeling connected, confident and clear equipped with the tools that you need.

General sessions

An “MOT” into your life, 1 session: £125

The ‘niggling issue, 3 sessions: £345

Signature Transformation Package, 6 sessions: £630

If you refer a client to me, you will both receive a 10% discount on all packages purchased.

Anxiety package

I run a signature Anxiety Package which is six sessions over six to nine weeks, dependent on each individual with ‘homework’ in between. Each session we will work on a specific tool to get greater understanding over your anxiety and most importantly how to manage it to feel calmer, happier and able to live your life the way you would like it. This package offers a discounted price to my other packages.

Cost: £600