I am very proud that the Evening Standard have included me as one of London’s best hypnotherapists.

I do a in depth hypnotherapy session to release people from their phobias. Whether it is claustrophobia, driving anxiety, a fear of flying, emetophobia, spiders I work with people from 1-3 sessions. One session on its own can often have life changing results.

Cost: £200

“I had one session with Gemma and I couldn’t believe the impact she had on me. I’ve worked with similar professionals for a few years, and I can’t remember anyone having such a profound effect on me, especially after just one session! ” 

Phoebe, Brand Content specialist

Together we worked on shifting my perspectives around all aspects of my life; from motherhood to work, and even did a hypnosis session on my fear of vomiting which has changed the game. As someone who has always feared travel, being around people vomiting and vomiting myself, I’m now able to confidently deal with all aspects of being unwell – whether it’s myself or with others. It’s just amazing and tackling that huge road block in my life has had such a positive effect on other areas that I was struggling with too. 

Anna Newton

I decided to see Gemma for hypnotherapy after struggling with extreme claustrophobia for over two years. I was having issues with any form of feeling trapped – from getting on the tube to sitting in the backseat of a car. This anxiety was impacting my day-to-day life and stopping me from doing the things I enjoy. After just one session, I haven’t hesitated once to get on any form of transport, and even managed to sit comfortably in the middle of an extremely busy tube carriage without a second thought. Nor have I had any panic attacks or feelings of anxiety since our session.

Gemma helped me to clearly understand the psychology behind why I was feeling this way and was more than happy to answer any concerns I had. The session was a far cry from anything stressful or invasive I had imagined hypnotherapy to be, and I felt fully in control for the entire time.

I cannot recommend Gemma enough and would encourage anyone struggling with any form of phobia or anxiety to give hypnotherapy a try. After the session, it felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I would have no hesitation to come back to Gemma in the future.

Genuinely life-changing!

Jennifer Wales