“After 10 years of living with anxiety I was ready to make a change. I didn’t expect that I would be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel so quickly. Gemma has given me some incredibly valuable tools to manage my own anxiety whilst being such a supportive figure to me. 

Gemma has helped me to own my anxiety, she has taught me how to accept the good parts of what the anxiety has taught me about myself whilst also letting it go. I was in a constant battle with anxiety and panic before I saw Gemma and in such a short time she managed to show me how to let go of it. It now no longer dictates my days. Gemma was also able to support and coach me around a huge decision in my life, a decision I know I needed to make but fear was stopping me. 

I have been able to see the anxiety and panic for what it is, and been able to let it come and go without affecting me to the point of a panic attack. I have learnt how to stop the anxiety before it gets unmanageable. I made the decision I needed to and it’s been the best thing to happen for me in a long time. 
I’d recommend anyone who needs some clarity, or guidance around listening to what their body/gut is trying to tell them but are unable to make any decisions to work with Gemma . For anyone who suffers with anxiety or panic. She’s so wonderful. “

Lindsey Holland, Podcaster, Influencer and Author of ‘Things you can’t ask yer Mum”

Working with Gemma has helped me understand my anxiety more and the reasons for why this behaviour started. It has also been helpful just talking through my feelings with Gemma – often I enter a session not having anything particular to discuss and then by the end Gemma has helped uncover and overcome a mental block. 
Gemma has made me realise that anxiety is a part of my bodies flight or flight mode and that it often has protective positive intentions which has helped me to accept it as part of my life. This helps me deal with it in a more positive way as I now see it as a positive aspect of my personality and how I process situations.
I am able to take time out when anxiety overwhelms me using the breathing techniques and have also been able to heal myself from past situations through visualisations. Most importantly I’ve been able to open up more to others and am slowly working on removing mental and emotional blocks that I didn’t know I had.
I would recommend Gemma for anyone with anxiety especially those who have tried CBT and found it unhelpful for them.


“After my first session with Gemma, I felt like a weight had been lifted. Gemma is both professional and adaptable: it was clear she knew exactly what she was doing every step of the way, guiding me through the NLP process, meanwhile while she was incredibly responsive, adapting to what I said and tailoring the process. As someone who typically doesn’t give myself the space to validate and feel my own emotions, I was surprised by how much I managed to open up during the session. I addressed trauma from years ago which – I realised – had continued to have a profound effect on me, my daily thought patterns and my behaviour. With Gemma’s help, I was able to acknowledge and, latterly, release myself from that bind – something I never would have been able to do by myself – which has had a lasting impact long beyond our session. I feel unburdened and calmer going forward.”

Francesca Spector, journalist, podcaster and author of “Alonement”

I was blown away by working with Gemma. I’ve had different therapies before but this was so unique, I really felt like she tapped into something that no one has ever tapped into before. It really brought out the emotions, and allowed me to understand myself, forgive myself and find compassion and even love the parts of myself that have been painful. It was so interesting, I love how she tapped into my spirituality, she could really read and feel my energy. I had something in my life I needed to deal with, and now I feel so empowered. I feel so confident and so calm after working with Gemma.

Whitney Valverde, Influencer and Creative Director of Teeka Atelier

” I was so surprised about how informative coaching was about my understanding of self. I thought it would be more practical like CBT, but it freed me in a way that therapy hasn’t and has so helped me ”

Heydon Prowse, BBC Comedian, Director and TV presenter.

“It’s been amazing working with and learning with Gemma. She’s so passionate about making a positive change in the world and it really rubs off. I received some amazing support in a major mental barrier i was working to overcome in my life and she quickly and compassionately helped me work through it. Highly recommended!”

Arthur Kay, CEO and Founder of BioBean and SkyRoom

“I met with Gemma as, like many people, 2020 has left me feeling more anxious than ever and I was interested to see how NLP could help me approach this more constructively. From the end of our first session it was clear that Gemma has not only created a space with her clients that is safe and supportive but that she is invested in providing you with practical resources and exercises at the end of each session to help you deal with stress, anxiety and, well, anything life has to throw at you. Gemma was such a reassuring presence and I’m incredibly grateful to her for the tools she has given me. I feel much more equipped to tackle moments of crisis going forward. “

Amy Cooper, Head of Content at Bauer Media

“Gemma is an amazing NLP coach and leader – she has a naturally calm, intuitive manner, that puts you at ease from the start. I saw Gemma to help manage my anxiety after a lot of personal life changes, and she made me feel so much calmer and more grounded through helpful practical exercises. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who feels a little lost and in need of guidance, she helps you get back on track with yourself and feel more supported.”

Angelica Malin, Editor in Chief of About Time Magazine

“My session with Gemma improved my mental health more than I could have hoped. I did an initial session to deal with issues surrounding anxiety, which provided me with coping mechanisms to take forward, and a second session after I lost my job which I also found enormously helpful in rebuilding my confidence. I’m very grateful for Gemma’s help and would recommend her to anyone who was considering NLP.”

Rebecca Reid, Journalist and Author

I received NLP coaching from Gemma Perlin when  I was at a changing point in my career and I found it very useful to be challenged in thinking about the mental and practical steps I needed to take, from an angle that I would not have thought of myself. We developed together a reference scheme which encouraged me to consider targets not only in terms of practical achievements but also in terms of gaining personal satisfaction and communal improvements.

Stefano Casalotti, Senior Lecturer in Bioscience, University of East London

“Gemma’s support allowed me to appreciate the nuances with all situations, assessing my personal situation from a different perspective. An extremely powerful technique, which has been greatly applied both personally and to my professional outlook.”

Benjamin King, Head Of Customer Services at Cubbi

“I admit that I was previously a little sceptical about NLP. But I learnt a huge amount from my session with Gemma, mainly about myself and the way I interact with the people around me. I now feel that I am better equipped to handle all sorts of situations, both professional and personal.”

Max Julius, Head of Content at Legal & General Investment Management

“Gemma provides a welcoming, safe presence when conducting a coaching session – having never done anything like this before I couldn’t have wished for a better first experience. Since the session the goals and problems talked about have felt a lot clearer – the next meeting can’t come soon enough.”

Jack Bailey, TV Producer

“My coaching session with Gemma focused on reducing my anxiety in relation to a particular work topic that has hindered my progress. I found the session invaluable and now have specific techniques which I am using consistently to help with this issue. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, Gemma put me at ease immediately and my confidence and wellbeing improved within one session. I am looking forward to further sessions to explore other issues” 

Hannah Levy, Commercial Manager