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Here’s how it works:

Coaching is not therapy and I do not want you to be coming up for sessions every week for a year. 

Each client is individual on how long they need to work with me and each client is different.

My goal is to get you in and out as quickly as possible so you can live a life without stress and anxiety, free from any issue you face that holds you back. 

It begins with a confidential consultation call free of cost.  You need to know if I am the right person to show you how to get in the driving seat of living your best possible life. 

This is why we have a call where we discuss the problem/area you want to change and I will explain how I will coach you to release you from what holds you back. 

My coaching approach is rigorous, warm, with humour and relentless passion and excitement for your journey. I want everyone one of my clients to win. 

I am applicable for companies wellbeing budgets and offer professional and personal coaching.

Get in touch below to organise your free call. Costs of sessions will be discussed on the call and are individual to length of sessions and number.  I usually allow for six sessions. Sessions start from £135.

I work with clients worldwide on Zoom (from Barbados to the US to Portugal) and in person. I offer in person sessions in Stoke Newington in London.

Is this you?

•Your life looks good on the outside and things are mostly ok, but something just doesn’t feel right.

 •You hear a thought that nags you and you aren’t living your life how you envisaged. You’ve tried to talk yourself out of it, read books by self help gurus, done endless research but it never quite works….

 •You feel scared and you have fear about what is within if you analyse and go deeper. You just hope this fear and stuckness will turn itself off one day. But that day never seems to come.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are feeling at the mercy of what is happening in your head, it’s leaving you feeling frustrated and angry at yourself.
  • This problem is disrupting your present life. You can’t speak up at meetings, you never feel like you can relax and everything feels out of control.
  • You feel like you are an imposter, you are constantly looking over your shoulder, worrying your boss will find you out, and you can’t tell your friends because no one can understand.  
  • You know you are capable of more but this problem is holding you back. Whether that’s a fear of public speaking, transitioning your career, conflict in your relationships or if it’s a constant feeling of anxiety, you just can’t see a way forward.
  • Not addressing this problem means you constantly distract yourself. You busy yourself with work, exercising, buying things, consuming yourself with  social media,  anything that gets you out of your head and away from these unsettling thoughts.
  • You have tried therapy or CBT, and it was insightful but it didn’t help with the problem back in real life.
  • You are really overwhelmed and burnt out from the way you live your life and the exhausting battle in your head.
top life coach in London

What if…?

  • There was an absence of fear so you feel really safe in the world?
  • You had the tools so you feel relaxed and excited every morning when you wake up?
  • You were curious and excited about the future?
  • When challenges come up in your life you felt able to overcome them?
  • Things started to happen easily for you with fluidity and flow, like job opportunities, finding the right career, your relationships are happier?
  • There was a lightness and fizzy energy around everything you approach in your life?
  • Your life was productive so things get done quicker, so you have more time for yourself?
  • You have optimised your way of thinking to bring about short and long term results; you are an actor who is getting bigger roles, a singer performing on bigger stages or a sportsperson competing at a higher level.
  • You knew that you could do anything, whether that’s moving abroad or taking a promotion, you have choices and you know are capable and deserving of the opportunities life brings you.
  • You had a guide with top life coaching experience who can facilitate the transformation you have been waiting for.

“Coaching was new to me so I didn’t really know what to expect. What I did know is I’d had been feeling really unhappy, small and stuck for months and needed something to change. I was ready to start living differently, but every time I tried, I kept falling back to my old patterns of stress and insecurity. 

It’s hard to explain but my brain feels more spacious as a result of working with Gemma, and that space is incredibly filled with joy and calmness.

Jannika Aalto, Sustainability Consultant

life coach London Gemma Perlin

Hi I’m Gemma.  I’m a behavioural change coach and I work with people just like you to show you how to do the things you want in your life.  I show you the unique, specialised tools, to experience undeniable change so you can live life how you want.

Before I worked with her I was anxious, unconfident, stressed, and out of control. Working with Gemma is of the best things I have done.

Since working together, I am better equipped to handle situations that would have previously stressed me out and affected my day to day living. I am calmer and more thoughtful in my approach. 

Shelley Morgan, Tech strategist

FAQs/Frequently Asked Questions

How long is coaching?

My goal is to get you in and out as quickly as possible so you can live a life without stress and anxiety, free from any issue you face that holds you back. It is not therapy I do not want you coming back every week for years.

I usually work between 4 to 6 sessions with people. But each persons needs are usually unique. 

If nothing has helped why is this different?

It is about breakthroughs and ultimate success. It is not about learning more about your problem but the solution that will give you the confidence to release you from what holds you back. It is a straight talking life changing empowering process.

How is coaching different to therapy?

Coaching is a process that helps you to go from where you are now in the present to where you want to be. In comparison to therapy it has a quicker pace and is solution focused. If you are ready to experience change, work out what you really want from life and create incredible success then coaching is for you. 

What kind of situations do you coach people in?

If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, low mood, stuckness, procrastination, imposter syndrome, self-esteem and confidence issues.

Through periods of transition in work or life

Setting life outcomes

Executive, leadership and performance coaching.

Looking to overcome challenging patterns, habits and fear.

After ten years of living with anxiety, I was ready to make a change. I didn’t expect that I would be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel so quickly. Gemma has given me the tools to do so. I’d recommend anyone who needs some clarity, or guidance around listening to what their body/gut is trying to tell them but are unable to make any decisions to work with Gemma .

Lindsey Holland, Podcaster and Content Creator

Ready to Release and Live your Life with the top Life Coach in London?

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