Are you ready to make a change?

After 10 years of living with anxiety I was ready to make a change, and started working with Gemma. I didn’t expect that I would be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel so quickly.

Do you feel stuck? That you’d like to create something in your life that doesn’t exist yet? That you’d like to lead your life free of restraints, blocks, expectations and comparison. Train and gain understanding over your mind so you feel in control rather than at the behest of your thoughts?

These are my intentions for when I work with people. Coaching with me is a deep approach, not about merely setting goals, but unpicking, understanding and exploring your life in an insightful and powerful way.

Everyone, yes everyone has the power to change. They just need the right tools and a safe space to learn them, you don’t have to be spiritually awakened or meditating hours a day. It is possible to be truly happy and free and live your life .

My name is Gemma Perlin and I work with people to gain control over what they want to change in their life. I came to this profession, on a nine-year journey to seek understanding and relief from a chronic pain condition. I thought if I couldn’t work out why I was in physical pain, maybe I could help the mental pain that came with it. I stumbled into a framework that transformed everything and that I knew could change other people’s. It was healing, holistic, powerful, creative yet practical and it worked quickly which was key because I was in a bad way.

It began on a neuro-linguistic programming course. I wasn’t looking to become coach, but to heal myself, desperate to feel happier, safer in my own body and mind. What did I find? A plethora of powerful and impactful tools to help people from all walks of lives and experience feel more alive in their bodies, feeling connected and calm.  Everyone who works with me, if the change is what they really want, notices it happens within a rapid timeframe.

What can I help you with?

I specialise in working with people with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. Many of whom conventional approaches like CBT and mindfulness have not worked, and have who have accepted that they must just cope. Our work will offer a pronounced effect in a rapid timeframe. After just one session you will feel a noticeable change in your anxiety from a flight or fight state to a more peaceful and calm state, which won’t just disappear, but as we re-wire your system over a course of sessions will become the norm.

I can help on a range of personal and professional problems; from helping individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression and panic attacks, to manage physical ailments like migraines, IBS and the stress that plays into them. I can also help you work towards your professional goals, such as boosting confidence in public speaking or guiding the transition to a new job.

I am an accredited Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and use a blend of NLP techniques, somatic body work and mindfulness in my practice.

What’s different about my approach?

I’m often asked what is the difference between my work and conventional talking therapy. In therapy, they aim to overcome problems with cognitive reasoning alone. Western psychology has a bias towards the mind over the body. My approach is a holistic approach of working with mind and body, so we give recognition of our physical wellbeing when treating the mind.

What can you expect from a session?

Many of my clients have had talking therapy and either work in conjunction with my approach or work with me alone to take action to overcome the challenges they have realised through therapy. Our sessions will involve talking, breathwork, scribbling things down, visualising and are very dynamic in nature.

About me:

I’m Gemma Perlin.

My background is in journalism and television, and I have worked in the field of documentaries for nine years. This gives me an inherent rigour when working with people, I like to get to the bottom of issues. Being a TV producer working with reformed terrorists, members of the far right and victims of atrocities means I understand the priviledge of people allowing me into their inner lives.

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